How to use Jetpack subscription form in Popup?

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Jetpack is a good tool for WordPress bloggers. You can activate email subscriptions in Jetpacks settings for free. If you have installed Jetpack from plugins section you can add subscription box to widgets easily. But if you want to show Jetpack subscription box in popup you need to know some steps. Don’t worry this is very easy. What are we waiting for? Let’s do it.

jetpack subscription form in pop up

Step 1:

Install “Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box” plugin. You can create cool Pop-ups using this plugin. Now click here and download Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box (or go to plugins section then search Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box and install directly) then upload to your blog and activate it.

Jetpack subscriptionStep 2:

If you have installed and activated Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box, go to “Scrollboxes” section under the “Comments”. Then click “Add New Scrollbox”

Step 3:

Now can you change pop-up specifications freely. Add this code to the bottom of your content after you’ve finished making changes:  [/jetpack_subscription_form title=""/].  (/ Do not forget to delete this sign.)

You can customize this shortcode by using the following modifiers:

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  • title – You can change the default “Subscribe to Blog via Email” to your own custom text by using title. Example: [/jetpack_subscription_form title="My Custom Title"/]
  • subscribe_text – This will change the default “Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” text. Example:[/jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_text="My custom subscribe text!"/]
  • subscribe_button – This will change the default “Subscribe” button text. Example:[/jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_button="Sign Me Up"/]
  • show_subscribers_total You can choose to show your total number of subscribers alongside your form. You can use 0 to hide them (the default) or 1 to show them. Example: [/jetpack_subscription_form show_subscribers_total="1"/]
Do not forget to delete this sign when adding shortcode:  /. Only use as [jetpack…]


jetpack subscription form in pop up
Add this code your pop-up [jetpack_subscription_form title=""]
jetpack subscription form in pop up
Scrollbox Specitifications


Step 4: 

Now click “Preview Scrollbox” button and view your pop-up.

jetpack subscription form


That is all! Now you can use as you wish. It has never been easier. Good blogging!

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